Delinquent real estate taxes, water and sewer charges, as well as other municipal charges may be sold by the City of New York in an annual tax lien sale.  Implemented in 1996 as a strategy to alleviate financial burden, lien sales generate revenue for the City.  Subsequent to the City selling its tax liens to a New York City Tax Lien Trust “NYCTL,” a servicing agent is appointed to recoup payment to the NYCTL. If the tax lien and all accrued interest is not paid in full, a foreclosure proceeding maybe commenced to sell the property at public auction in order satisfy the tax lien.

Helpful Information

For General Inquiries (Available 24 hours)

Call 311

Call 212-NEW-YORK or 212-639-9675 (Out-of-City)

TTY 212-639-9675 (Hearing Impaired)

NYC Dept. of Finance

Tax Lien Ombudsperson

Phone: 212-440-5408 or 212-440-5407 (Ombudsperson for Seniors)


For Property Tax Liens:

For Real Property Tax Liens and other charges and Senior Citizen concerns, please contact the Ombudsperson of the NYC Dept. of Finance at (212) 504-4039 or 212-504-4037 or [email protected]

For Water & Sewer Charges:

NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection

Bureau of Customer Services

Phone: 718-595-7000


To Dispute Water & Sewer Charges:

NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection

Water Lien Ombudsperson Office

Phone: 718-595-OMBU (6628)


For Emergency Repair & Alternative Enforcement Charges:

NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development

Phone: 212-863-6020


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