In New York State, a lender generally commences an action in the Supreme Court in order to foreclose upon its mortgage. New York is one of approximately 19 states where judicial foreclosure is the primary foreclosure process.

The subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 and the collapse of the housing bubble led to an unprecedented increase in the number of foreclosures.  In response, many states, including New York, passed several new laws that were designed to protect consumers while creating hurdles for banks to overcome in foreclosing its mortgage.  Thus, mortgage foreclosure litigation is doused in legal intricacies and can be a very complex process. Judicial foreclosure proceedings, which are supervised by the Court, seek to obtain judgment to sell a property at public auction to satisfy a debt. Essentially, a property serves as security for the underlying loan.

Tom began his career doing mortgage foreclosure litigation. Through his continuous involvement in tax lien foreclosures, which is governed by many of the same statues as mortgage foreclosures, Tom has stayed abreast of the myriad of changes in foreclosure law throughout the years.  His knowledge and considerable experience with such matters has placed him at the forefront of attorneys practicing foreclosure litigation.

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